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High salaries in charities: bad science rides again

The bandwagon about the salaries of senior staff in charities rolls on, most recently with a feature in the Times about pay in hospices. This is part of a wider debate about competence, probity and efficiency, informed by selection of anecdotes which are designed to generate headlines or support a pre-determined conclusionThe report earlier this summer in the Sun which expressed surprise that Alzheimer’s Society wasn’t run entirely by volunteers is an example of the misconceptions that exist about the voluntary sector.

In the Third Sector Research Centre we have done the most extensive piece of work on this so we field journalistic inquiries about the subject from time to time. One argued that there were wide variations in the amounts that some charities pay their chief executives and senior management, with some heads of “relatively small organisations paid far more than one might expect”. The other was interested in organisations that might be spending a “large proportion of income on senior staff costs”. What does the evidence say? Continue reading High salaries in charities: bad science rides again