Current Projects

My research is currently focussed on the distinctive contribution of the third sector to society and economy in contemporary Britain. It includes projects on:

  • the development of large-scale databases on voluntary organisations, including registered charities, social enterprises, cooperatives and mutuals;
  • the geographical and sectoral distribution of these organisations including UK-wide comparisons and small-area analyses;
  • long-run trends in the formation and survival of organisations;
  • the pattern of funding of voluntary organisations, including the balance between public service provision and voluntary finance;
  • patterns of voluntary action and the relationship between voluntary action and social capital.

Recent and ongoing research projects include:

EU FP7 project on the Impact of the Third Sector in Europe (2014-16) in collaboration with the Institute for Social Research, Oslo, and several other  universities:

ESRC Secondary Data Analysis project on continuity and change in volunteering in the UK, 1981 – 2013 (2013-14) (see

Third Sector Research Centre ( (2008-2014)

Centre for Charitable Giving and Philanthropy ( – projects on Charity and Social Redistribution (2009-2012)

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